P7 Batteries


The Technologies Behind P7’s Long Range Batteries


Our goal at XPENG is to make electric vehicles a practical reality for everyone.

That’s why when it came to evaluate materials and design of our cars’ batteries, we at Xpeng knew that range is the all-important stat. EV battery range is what prevents many drivers from switching to an all-electric vehicle.

We set out to change that.

The P7 uses an industry-leading new generation of high performance and high safety traction battery developed at XPENG Motors. You know that the P7 battery’s range is 480 km(TBD) and that it has a very high hot/cold weather versatility. You also probably know that they have a lower risk of thermal runaway and last longer in comparison to other models.

Here is the rest of the story you haven’t heard yet.



New battery pack and module formation

There are several factors that affect a battery life. Some are physical and built into the cells at the time of manufacture and cannot be changed later. Therefore, it was important for us to personally take care of the technical specifications of our batteries during production.

At XPENG, we use our own production technology, that allows us to create a battery pack that is perfectly suited to each model.

The XPENG battery module adopts industry-leading CATL high energy density cells, aviation aluminium frame and high-strength structural adhesive. This modular platform technology improves our batteries’ efficiency because it fixes the cell and increases energy density up to 160 Wh/kg. 

Using square battery cells - instead of cylindrical cells - makes the best use of the space in the battery pack, which results in higher density.


High power output for a super long-range

The 370 kW ultra-high power output of our battery system is the secret behind our 0-100 km/h acceleration performance and phenomenal super long driving range. 

To achieve this kind of performance, we were meticulous about our battery technology and materials selection.

Lightweight technologies such as all-aluminum box and SMC composite materials provide higher power and longer battery range with the same weight. Yet probably the hardest challenge in battery design is increasing energy density while also maximizing battery life span.

We developed an intelligent algorithm to prevent hot and cold shock, which effectively extends battery life.


Thermal management for the best performance in all temperatures

At XPENG, one of our key innovations to maximize battery life is a sophisticated thermal management system. Equipped with an intelligent thermal management temperature control system, the battery has an ultra-wide operating temperature range.

  • Fast battery heating in low temperatures: the excess heat from the motor is used to directly heat the battery while driving.
  • High battery cooling efficiency: the front radiator dissipates the heat from the battery without the aid of an air compressor.
  • Battery thermal balance: the water pump flow is automatically adjusts to keep the temperature difference between battery cells within 3 °C.

All together these features form our thermal management system which extends battery lifespan and range while also making our cars much safer. In fact,  the system will even recognise very cold weather  and make sure to heat the battery first to prevent any damage.


Hot and cold versatility with an intelligent thermal algorithm

The intelligent thermal algorithm not only prevents hot and cold shock by automatically judging the battery and environmental temperature changes and adjusting accordingly; but it also increases operational safety by using both the air compressor and the battery cooler to dissipate heat.

Equipped with this intelligent thermal management temperature control system, the battery grants XPENG cars an ultra-wide operating temperature range from –30 ℃ to 55 ℃.

This hot and cold versatility makes Xpeng cars a breeze to drive long distances and through drastic thermal changes.

XPENG’s P7 is an ideal choice for the Northern European driver.



Explaining dust and water resistance abilities

Thanks to XPENG material and structural design innovations, our car batteries box is extremely dust and water resistant.

The highest level of IP68 dust and water resistance grants our battery pack the most safety for our driver. It can last up to 48 hours in 1 meter of water without leaking.

This means that even if the vehicle is soaked in rain during a long ride through cloudy mountains, the battery cell can still perform normally.


European standard battery pack crash safety

The battery module has an aerospace aluminium frame and a high strength structural adhesive to ensure a safe and reliable structure. The module safety has also been evidenced by safety tests such as vibration, extrusion and thermal runaway.

Of course, our drivers’ safety is our outmost concern. Therefore, by preventing direct electrical safety failures, we set out to further improve XPENG batteries’ system safety in the event of a collision.

We achieved this higher safety standard with a special refractory material in the battery pack and non-combustible material between cells.

By selecting the optimal design and materials for structural safety, we were also able to integrate the battery box base with the load-bearing skeleton of the car. 


No more mileage anxiety with XPENG fast charging cars

Through the process of developing our first models, we at XPENG have become experts in battery technology. We knew that the longer battery range alone cannot completely solve mileage anxiety.

How could we promise a long-range car without fast charging ability?

XPENG cars are equipped with a fast battery heating system that effectively shortens battery charging time even under low temperature conditions.

For the maximum convenience we partnered with EV charging providers all around Europe: you can count on 18,000 charging points in the EU being compatible with the P7 CCS Charging Technology.



For the most adaptable long range electric vehicle ever built, choose the XPENG P7.

Better experience in all climates with thermal management.
Faster charging experience, longer range, more powerful.

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P7 sensors
  P7 Sensors: Crushing the Competition       We’ve got a question: why stress over the details of driving when someone else can do it for you? You deserve a car that can do it all. A car that’s as intelligent and considerate as it is passionate and powerful. A car that needs only your instructions to drive itself, that does the hard work for you, and makes it easy. You deserve the new P7 from Xpeng and its automated driving capabilities. With its 31 radars and sensors, built in to facilitate autonomous driving, the P7 is combining brains and brawn to give you the most intelligent automated driving experience on the market.        This is a car that is smart enough to keep you safe and secure while still giving you the performance of a great sports car and the chance to relax in comfort.   Two heads are better than one Every EV needs a brain. The P7 has two, acquired with the help of incredible partnerships.     Autonomous driving requires an incredible amount of digital horsepower, and that’s why your new car uses dual chipsets to make it ultra-intelligent. The NVIDIA Drive chip is  an advanced system for autonomous driving, and the Qualcomm Snapdragon™ 820A chip works flawlessly alongside it so your car can get to know you while keeping your data and communications safe. The NVIDIA Drive chip empowers your car. It’s a supercomputer of a single chip, delivering 30 INT8 TOPS of performance while using a mere 30 watts of power. With the chip’s help, the P7 can process huge amounts of sensor data to make fast driving decisions. Like you, it’s smart, efficient and strong. Meanwhile with the Qualcomm Snapdragon™ 820A, you will see higher security for your vehicle communication and prevention against cyber-attacks. It also gives your P7 the power to learn your preferences, while its ultra-HD surround view monitoring capabilities allow for extra road safety. These are the processors that connect you to your car,and your car to the world around it.      Most importantly, the P7 includes an over the air firmware package: the XPILOT 2.5. Together with these chips, the XPILOT 2.5 learns how you like to enjoy the comforts of our cockpit while your car does the driving. Let us give you the guided tour of some of your new P7’s autonomous driving features.   Your built-in chauffer When you drive your P7, you don’t always have to be in control. Say goodbye to constantly checking your mirrors to change lanes, worrying about centring your car, or panicking over parking. Let your car do the work for you. The P7’s intelligent driving system allows for…  giving you a safe, sleek and stress-free driving experience every time you get behind the wheel. It’s the P7’s high-tech sensors that make the future a reality. Your car uses 12 ultrasonic sensors, five high-precision millimetre-wave radars, and 13 autonomous driving cameras  to make sure you’re ready for autonomous driving situation. Adaptive cruise controlenables your car to follow traffic and stop at a safe distance, and adaptive turning control makes sure that you never take a corner too quickly. With lane centring control, the P7 will automatically recognise lane markings and centre itself accordingly.       The P7 can do everything you need to drive safely. You’ll never struggle through traffic again.   Your built-in valet The experience doesn’t stop when you reach your destination. With the use of supersonic radars, along with millimetre wave radars and cameras, the P7 can handle over 70% of parking scenarios, including parallel, angle, and reverse parking.     The P7 is so well equipped that it can get you into spaces you can only dream of on your own, and is so intelligent that it doesn’t even need road markings to guide itself smoothly into place. All the P7 needs is you to tell it what to do. And all you have to do is speak. Use the P7’s Voice Control Parking Assistant powered by the XPILOT 2.5 to tell your car when to navigate into a space and it’ll do it better, faster and smarter than a - human - personal assistant. With the Xpeng P7, automated doesn’t mean less, it means more.   Keeping a watchful eye With the XPILOT 2.5, you can keep an eye on all these functions through your central-control display.               Driving smoothly, safely and in style has never been easier. Born to drive The P7 is revolutionising driving, while also putting your comfort and safety at the forefront through our intelligent driving performance boosts. Enjoy the massive computational horsepower of the NVIDIA chip and the incredible performance of the Qualcomm wireless chip and sit back. Your P7 will get you where you need to go. Safe is the new sexy.

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P7 Design Language
  Xpeng Design Language: The New P7’s Style of Pragmatism      It’s time to shed the EV industry’s boring stigma. It’s time for sexy e-cars. Designed to impress, XPENG cars exploit the latest tech to re-invent the EV industry, allowing you to experience the driving of tomorrow today.  The core essence of XPENG Motors is our focus on modern lifestyle. We aim to provide trendy and safely designed vehicles that will propel you to new high-mobility standards. Sporty. Sleek. Powerful. We are all of this and much (much) more.   A style to conquer them all: An e-mobile lifestyle When XPENG’s goal to lead a new generation of smart cars was first set in 2015, the dream was to explore smart innovation for the EV industry using advanced AI and connection technology. But what we really wanted was better options for all kinds of e-mobile lifestyles. And that’s how our signature style came together.                                   XPENG style and design had to respond to the many and multifaceted needs of the modern driver – who comes from all walks of life - while also staying true to our core values and making user centric, smart and easy-to-use wonderful cars. The requirements were clear, but the dream was big. The elegant silhouette was designed as a challenge: the pursuit of immediate impact leaving you begging for more. XPENG’s style is inspired by a crossover of mathematics and aesthetics. The silhouette is an ode to everything that is sporty and elegant in life. We balanced out every detail so that our forward thinking and technology-based approach would be recognizable from a long way away. The combination of a powerful computer system and advanced autonomous driving functions are simply to be expected with a silhouette as elegant and outdoorsy as ours. Our design is unique because it is luxurious.   XPENG P7’s dynamical aesthetics XPENG’s P7 has its own unique design language, a curved streamline that is futuristic, thoughtful, and vibrant – but design cannot be all about visual impact. We wanted to provide an immersive and interactive experience with multi-perceptual dimensions. The P7 is designed to let your mind flow from the outside to the inside, from machine to human. The sensual surfaces are never still and always vibrant. The pace for the P7’s design movement is a perfect balance of fast and slow. The sense of fluidity and dynamism is expressed in the contrasting forces of form and surface. The changing rhythms are revealed by the effects of light and shadow at play, that scatter rays of light across the elegant silhouette of the whole car. This movement does not ask to be organized and controlled it only asks for you to follow.   Made to ride. Leave everything else behind. The active front grille and refined rear design with flattened underbody grant the P7 an ultra-low drag coefficient.  The P7’s personality is urban, while also embodying the ability to perceive and interact with its surroundings. It can constantly evolve in exactly what you need, when you need it, wherever you are. The P7’s futuristic and highly technological look delivers on its promise once you step into the car. The ultra-low Cd reduces wind noise and increases stability while traveling. Performance is improved in every relevant aspect.      Nothing disturbs the electric bouncing of the eye from one curve to the next: frameless doors, concealed electric door handles, LED running lights. Nothing should get in your way while you ride, so we also took care of the road safety features for you. The self-sensing full LED headlamps provide high brightness with an almost daylight effect, widening your field of view. In addition, the dynamic and eye-catching running lights have such a visual impact that the causal passer-by won’t be able to miss you, ensuring your (and their) safety. Imagine yourself drive far. Imagine yourself drive fast.   Futuristic on the outside. Minimalist on the inside. You’ve seen it from the outside, now let’s look at it from the inside. The aggressive and vibrant stand of our Sedan-like model is balanced out by its interior. Although the sports car dynamism - echoed in the lowered bonnet and the fastback rear end - remains our focus, the P7’s interior is simpler and more harmonious. While the P7’s exterior design is an explosion of lights in motion, its interior is a landscape of natural fluidity like a brushstroke on a Chinese painting. The tension characterizing the dynamism of a Sedan-like design is soothed by its peaceful interiors.  While designing the P7, we wanted to meet all your needs, especially your desire for style alongside comfort and spaciousness. We designed the P7 as a sportscar that you can use every day. That is why we gave the P7 more space in its rear seats than the average sportscar. The absence of components like the electric sunblind contribute to the increased headroom. But the P7 is also a coupé with its panoramic glass sunroof.     Enjoy sunbathing in your car without worrying about ultraviolet and infrared light. The Low-E glass allows visible light to pass through while also protecting you like sunglasses. P7 design is deeply rooted in pragmatism.   P7 is sporty, safe and pragmatic The P7’s lightweight design plays with robotic and futuristic references to engage with the outside and make you stand out. The visual experience is layered and structured. But don’t let this design fool you. A long-range electric car is comfortable above all else. The high performance of this model satisfies the needs of your daily commute as well as long-distance travelling. No extra mileage anxiety, forget the inconvenience of frequent charging. Yes, we played and toyed with many things - lights, movement, shape - but not safety. The safety standard design of the P7 includes a comprehensive driver and passenger protection. Our main concern will always be you and your safety on the road. Energetic. Intelligent. Safe.   Who are we? Established in early 2015, XPENG Motors is now a leader in smart EV manufacturing and is a frontrunner in integrating advanced Internet and AI technology with car manufacturing. We strive to give our product a personality as well as the ability to perceive their surroundings and evolve. In our design process we consider not only aesthetics but also the resulting user experience. We know who we are, but who are you?

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P7 Comfort
  Inside the XPENG P7: Awesome Performance, Luxurious Comfort       There’s nothing like the thrill of sitting at the wheel of a supercar. With the XPENG P7, you can go one better. We used cutting-edge technology, the world’s top German auto engineers and a whole lot of style to produce a motor that offers unbeatable performance and incredibly smooth ride. Why choose comfort over power? The XPENG P7 gives you both.   The skeleton of a champion: The P7’s sports car pedigree     If you want to build something even better than a top-tier sports car, it’s best to start with a top-tier sports car. We developed the P7’s chassis with a leading German automotive engineering team to outclass Europe’s prime luxury motors in both comfort and power. Once we had a revolutionary design, we tested it on roads all over. And we mean all over: we tuned this car on over 40,000 kilometres of public roads for chassis testing alone, through mountain roads, deserts and snowy terrains in China, New Zealand, and the United States. That’s not even to mention its turn at the IDIADA proving ground in Spain, where the XPENG P7 achieved excellent performance and outstanding control. Our rigorous testing process means that even in the rockiest conditions and at top speeds, the P7 still handles as smooth as anything.   The P7’s double-wishbone independent front suspension Our P7 is designed front and back to give you a comfortable ride, no matter what road lies ahead of you. That’s why we developed first-class front and rear suspension for an incredibly smooth drive. The P7’s sophisticated double-wishbone independent front suspension is constructed with aluminium and an innovative lightweight design. This means a low roll centre, good grip and responsiveness at high speeds – signature traits of a supercar.     Five-link rear suspension The P7’s rear suspension perfects the car’s high-speed handling. Its five-link design, made with light and strong aluminium alloy, makes for maximum control of the wheel positioning to avoid drift and keep you on the straight and narrow. Plus, with vibration isolation in the subframe and connecting rods on the wheels, you get excellent grip on all kinds of road conditions and seamless comfort.   Performance cloaked in luxury     To create a truly comfortable yet high-performance sports car, no detail is too small. When designing the P7’s interiors, we knew that nothing said sleek style and effortless sophistication like premium, ethically produced Nappa leather. Soft to the touch, beautifully textured and contoured to suit the spine’s natural curvature, the P7’s seats feel as good as they look. But beauty is skin deep, and beneath the luxurious surface is a seat precision-engineered for comfort. The driver’s seat incorporates smart settings from air con, to heating, to memory functions and of course top-tier Dynaudio speakers in the headrest. Our seats are built to support your body in the areas you need it: tall side wings to support you at every turn and cushioned at the body contact areas for the comfiest ride of your life.   Top speed? No sweat.   An EV might not have the same engine roar of an old-fashioned motor – but a high-tech car means your adrenaline rush just got smarter. The XPENG P7 is kitted out with cutting-edge intelligent active continuous damping control. Exclusive to luxury vehicles, sensors in both the front and rear axles and a six-axis IMU automatically adjust the damping to three modes: Comfort, Sport and Standard.   Intelligent automatic damping to keep your ride smooth Your ride stays comfortable while you get maximum manoeuvrability with the P7’s intelligent active continuous damping control. The axel sensors on the P7 detect the wheels’ movement and the damping control automatically adjusts to compensate for sudden changes like braking, acceleration and cornering. This means: if the front wheel falls into a pothole, the acceleration sensor picks it up and adjusts the output current to the shock absorber to soften the ride. Whether you’re driving over potholes, changing lanes or braking – this sophisticated damping control means your ride will stay smooth.   The future of comfort is yours Climb into your XPENG P7 and see how truly awesome automotive engineering can sit inside of luxurious comfort and technology. A smart vehicle that takes you beyond any driving experience you’ve ever had, letting you enjoy a sports car’s power and performance with the plush interiors of a luxury car. Did you know? We equipped our P7 also with an intelligent and dynamic theatre-level sound experience of Dynaudio, so that every ride sounds as epic as it feels.     Choose comfort and a superior ride:Xpeng P7

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